The Ministry of Labour says no one was hurt after a construction crane crashed into the new Thunder Bay court house early Monday morning.


'I just turned around and started running to get out of there,' says construction worker David Bayko, centre, pictured with Steve Brown (l) and Justin Maki (r). (Jody Porter/CBC)

"I heard a couple guys yelling and I looked over and the crane was already half up in the air and about to flip, so I just turned around and started running to get out of there," said construction worker David Bayko.

Workers were sent home and construction shut down by 10 a.m. as Ontario's Ministry of Labour began its investigation into how the 90-ton crane toppled into the building.

Frank Zawadzki and Simon Barnard were making a delivery across the street from the court house construction site just after 8:30 a.m. when they saw the crane topple over.

"I guess it happened slow enough that they saw it happening so everyone just scattered like mice, but that would have been death for sure." Zawadzki said. "Never in my life have have I seen something like that. That's incredible."


Simon Barnard and Frank Zawadzki were making a delivery across the road when they saw the crane crash into the court house. (Jody Porter/CBC)

"I heard the guys yelling and I seen the tower starting to go and then it hit the building and it buckled over," Barnard said.

"It wasn't until it hit the building, you heard the crash and then everbody is rushing out," he added. "My first thought was: anybody hurt? And it doesn't look like it so far, which is good."