A gasp was heard from a spectator in a Thunder Bay courtroom during day two of an assault trial when surveillance video from a Geraldton bar showed OPP Constable Brian Bellefeuille push the alleged victim, Gary Megan.

Bellefeuille is accused of assaulting the 42-year-old man while in police custody at the Geraldton detachment in February of last year.

Shortly after the pushing incident at the bar, Megan was taken into custody for intoxication. 

Video from his jail cell was also shown.

"O My God," someone whispered in the courtroom, as the video showed Megan being thrown to the floor in his cell.

Megan said he doesn't remember much about what happened that night.

Defence counsel highlighted his gaps in memory, his history of drinking and criminal record during the cross-examination.

Chief and council for Aroland First Nation arrived in court Tuesday to hear the testimony by Megan, who is a member of the community.

Closing arguments from the Crown and defence were expected Tuesday afternoon.

Doctor testifies

On Monday the prosecuter laid out the case, saying that Megan was heading for a bar in a taxi when he gave the finger to a police officer.

Megan was arrested by the OPP several hours later for public intoxication.

The crown said he was handcuffed in a cell with his hands behind his back when Bellefeuille pushed him to the floor.

Bellefeuille has also been charged with public mischief for interfering in a police investigation.

The court heard from the doctor who treated Megan for broken bones in his eye-socket, as well as the OPP officer who was on the receiving end of Megan's rude gesture.