Bombardier picketers

Picketers walk the line outside the Bombardier plant in Thunder Bay on Friday. (Heather Kitching-CBC)

A union leader expects his members will abide by new picketing conditions ordered by a Thunder Bay judge, disallowing picketers from delaying people entering a strike-bound Bombardier plant for longer than 10 minutes.

Justice Helen Pierce lowered the previous time limit, which was 25 minutes. However, she denied a company request to limit the number of picketers at any one time and that buses taking passengers to the plant allow them to disembark inside the gate.

However, she ordered that a six-metre corridor be established for people to walk onto the property without being obstructed. 

Unifor president Dominic Pasqualino said he is satisfied with the ruling. 

"She obviously wasn't too concerned about any threat of violence. But, on the other hand, she's also very concerned that we follow this," he said.

In her ruling, Pierce said she is concerned about the risk of violence, but added that picketers have recently shown a better understanding of previous court orders. She also noted that since the issuing of a prior court order, Thunder Bay police "have been more responsive to problems at the picket line." 

CBC News obtained a copy of a judge's orders issued late Friday.

There was no immediate comment on Friday from a spokesperson for Bombardier.