More than $6 million in capital work was approved by Thunder Bay councillors on Monday night.

The largest contract calls for slightly more than $2 million to re-pave roads, plant trees and build sidewalks near the new courthouse.

Where the $6 million went

  • $1 million for sidewalks and traffic lights
  • $1.5 million for watermain work
  • $2.1 million for the courthouse contract (repaving, planting trees, sidewalks, underground infrastructure that needed relocating because of the new building)
  • $750,000 for a new water main underneath the Kam River (serving the Riverdale area)
  • $160,000 for an engineer to determine the costs/work of the second phase of the Whalen Building Rehabilitation
  • $735,000 for the Mountainview Cemetery building (operating costs for the cemetery office should go down by 48 per cent with the new building, saving the city about $3,500 per year)

The most contentious project of the night was the construction of a new office at Mountainview Cemetery.

Councillors asked questions for close to an hour about the building and why it would cost $735,000.

Iain Angus said the investment in cemeteries is worthwhile.

"We need to recognize that, for many people in this community, cemeteries are the places they go on Sundays," Angus said. "And, if we can add to their comfort as they continue through the bereavement, that's an important thing for us to do as a society."

In the end, council approved the new office, along with landscaping and a public seating area at Mountainview.

Council also approved a $250,000 interest-free loan for Regenmed, a medical research firm.

The money comes with some conditions, including submitting financial statements to the city, and finding ways to cut costs.