The man who shot a Thunder Bay police officer more than 20 years ago was scheduled to be released from jail on Friday.

Constable Craig Town was shot in the face and chest by Donovan Miller in 1991 at the Thunder Bay police station.


The 1991 shooting of Thunder Bay Constable Craig Town left him a quadriplegic. The gunman, Donovan Miller, served 12 years in jail for the shooting. (Supplied)

As a result, Town is a quadriplegic.

Miller served 12 years behind bars for the shooting and was designated a dangerous offender.

"I thought he was back in jail for good," Town said, referring to the fact Miller has been convicted of other robberies and assaults since serving time for the shooting.

"The man is, as I said, a ticking time bomb. And, it was a matter of time before he blew."

'The more restrictions, the better'

The Parole Board ruled Miller could have no contact with an un-named family, after describing the threats and abuse he displayed towards a past girlfriend.

He also threatened a male under the age of 18.

Town said he didn't expect Miller to be kept in jail forever, but, "what they're doing now doesn't seem to be working very well."

"From what I understand, anytime he gets around drugs and alcohol he blows up and someone gets hurt. That's what happened to me," Town said. "The more restrictions on him the better because … he is a ticking time bomb and you never know when he's going to go. And, somebody's going to get hurt."

Town said he hopes Miller can straighten himself out.

With respect to his own life, Town said he feels fortunate to still be alive, married and hopes one day medical science can help him lead a more active life.

Miller's long-term supervision order expires June 24, 2016.