The OPP detachment in Kenora has a unique odour in the air these days, thanks to an unusually large amount of contraband drugs it's holding in its vaults.

Several drug busts over the past three years means police are holding nearly 300 pounds of marijuana, 18 pounds of cocaine, and hundreds of cartons of cigarettes.

Kenora OPP Constable Ronnie Grosenick said holding all of the drugs in vaults has caused a smell.

"I mean it's large quantities, so, throughout years of policing, you can often smell when somebody has a seizure, especially of the raw, unburned marijuana,” she said.

β€œIt's because we have so much right now, the smell doesn't seem to go away.”

Grosenick said most visitors compare the odour to that of a skunk.

Kenora OPP's last big seizure was in December of 2013, when they apprehended 200 lbs of marijuana. Grosenick said, after the December seizure, the area outside of the station had an odour as there were so many drugs in storage.

"We hold items until they go through the court system. So, once it's been dealt with in court, then, that's when we can get destruction orders for the item, and we'll get rid of them,” Grosenick said.

The estimated street value of what they've seized over the past three years is about $3 million.

Grosenick said the OPP is looking at a possible expansion to its storage facilities when new offices for the detachment are built. She noted there are health and safety concerns, and so they will consider improving the ventilation system as well.