Thunder Bay residents can expect to see some work begin on the condos and hotel at Prince Arthur's Landing in the coming weeks.

The city has issued three conditional building permits for the structures, which Thunder Bay's chief building official said will allow the developer to do some preliminary work.

"They will allow the contractor to … start driving piles there, pour concrete, get the foundations in place … get his plumbing groundwork in place also on those three sites," Desmond Stolz said.

Stolz said the city will issue more building permits for the actual structures and components for the building in the coming months.

He added phasing in permits for large construction projects is common practice for the city.

Condo/Hotel project details:

  • The developers are a private consortium consisting of Laureate Developments Ltd., Resolve Group Inc., Lombard North Group Ltd., and Double A Ventures Ltd.
  • Delta Hotels and Resorts will operate the hotel, which is expected to create 100 jobs.
  • There will be 51 condominium units.
  • The city of Thunder Bay received $663,000 in exchange for 2.65 acres of land for the projects.
  • The development will also include a commercial building for shops and restaurants and redevelopment of the former CNR station into hotel-related uses.
  • The city will lease the old railway station and some land to the developer.