A 25-year old man has been charged after Thunder Bay police officers reportedly seized two firearms from a campus residence at Confederation College.

Communications director Chris Adams said they received a call from the college's security service on Nov. 6 around 7 p.m.

"Confederation College security were concerned about a package that had arrived," Chris Adams told CBC News. "They had belief that one of their students was actually storing firearms on the campus."

While officers were investigating, Adams said they found a rifle and a shotgun in the man's residence.

"Of course, this is a big no-no for the college," Adams said.

The student was subsequently charged with unsafe storage of a firearm. Adams said he "had an interest in firearms," but added that, as of late Wednesday afternoon, police couldn't say what the student intended to do with the guns. Adams did say he doesn't believe there was any connection to the ongoing work stoppage at Ontario's colleges.

While a call of this nature is rare, Adams said students need to be reminded that, while owning guns can be done legally, people attending college can't store them on campus.

"You really should adhere to what the restrictions are and I think everyone these days is very sensitive to the fact that firearms should not be kept on campus," he said.