A former board member with the Canadian Lakehead Exhibition is crying foul over travel plans for some directors.

Linda Gambee said some trips to conventions do little to improve the exhibition.

Each year, the CLE sends representatives to a national conference.

Among the four attending this year's event in Ottawa are Ken Boshcoff and Joe Virdiramo, city council's two appointees to the board.

“I don't believe that unelected members such as our councillors should be going," said Gambee, adding that it would make more sense to send directors elected by CLE members.

Linda Gambee

Linda Gambee says it makes more sense for directors elected by CLE members to travel on behalf of the board. (Adam Burns/CBC)

But the directors heading to Ottawa disagree.

"By going to an annual meeting, it's a learning experience, basically,” Boshcoff said. “Every board member is brought up to date the same as any other board member."

'Picked up some leads' at conferences

Gambee was removed from the CLE board in September, amid controversy over the board's bar policy — and acknowleged some may consider her new complaints to be a case of sour grapes.

"But I've never ever been on the CLE for something that I would gain,” she said. “I don't believe that some of the things they are doing are for the good of the community."

Next month, CLE president  Reta Stoger and director Lawrence Timko are booked for a convention in Las Vegas.

Calls to Reta Stoger were not returned. Lawrence Timko said he's gone to the convention in Las Vegas "four or five times.”

"It's hard [for] people to get a grasp of it, because it's an international conference," he said, "[but] we, over the years, have picked up some leads on what we think the CLE might be interested in."