The perimeter of Thunder Bay's newest waterfront summer attraction is now sporting some winter snow fencing.

The city installed the orange plastic fencing near the splash pad at Prince Arthur's Landing for the safety of small children, as there were concerns kids might run from the splash pad down a set of concrete blocks and into the lake.

Officials said an existing chain didn't provide an adequate barrier between the splash pad and the water.

Waterfront development manager Katherine Dugmore noted a more aesthetically pleasing barrier will be installed as soon as possible.

"Possibly panels of some sort," she said. "We're looking at various designs now and trying to figure out something that would prevent smaller children from getting through."

Dugmore added the public will have access to the lake once a permanent barrier is in place.

A city administrator said it’s not uncommon for a small change like this to be made to such a large development — particularly when it comes to making a tourist attraction more safe.