City to take action on slowing down Junot Ave. traffic

Thunder Bay residents who want to make it easier for their kids to cross the street will soon get what they are hoping for.

Thunder Bay residents concerned about kids crossing the street

The city of Thunder Bay will look into ways to slow down the traffic on Junot Avenue, including cross-hatching, where they paint cross-lines on the road to indicate a crosswalk, or implementing a 40 km/h speed zone. (CBC)

Thunder Bay residents who want to make it easier for their kids to cross the street will soon get what they’re hoping for.

City council asked administration at its Monday night meeting to look at implementing measures to slow down the traffic on Junot Avenue near Windsor Street and Blucher Crescent.

The move comes after Coun. Brian McKinnon followed up on a presentation from people in the neighbourhood, who were concerned about their children's safety when crossing Junot.

McKinnon said he'll let the experts come up with ways to slow down the traffic.

"We'll leave that to the police and to the administration to come up with some suggestions," he said.

"It could be anything like one of those speed devices, telling you how fast you're going."

McKinnon hoped to get a solution in place by summer, but was told by administration and engineering staff that timeline was not realistic.

The road is scheduled to be four-laned in a few years, at which time a more permanent means of crossing the street will be put in place.

Before construction begins, however, city councillor Iain Angus said consultations should be made with the social housing complex along Junot.

"[The housing authority] — as the property owner and therefore the representative of the tenants — I think has a responsibility to play in doing what they can to make it as best as possible for their tenants," Angus said.

"And, it's all families, so, we got lots of kids."