Despite a smoking ban on the grounds of Thunder Bay’s hospital, issuing tickets remains a problem, as the city says it doesn't have the necessary wording and set fines laid out in municipal bylaws.

City staff are asking city council to approve the necessary changes — something that Licensing and Enforcement manager Ron Bourret said will provide another tool to discourage smoking on hospital property.

“There's always that 10 per cent factor [who will] … say 'yeah right, I don't believe you’,” Bourret said.

“An officer then, [if] push comes to shove, will issue a ticket.  This is just another tool for that 10 per cent factor who may [need to] hear it from a judge.”

The proposed fine is $250.

The city administration report headed to council today also recommends fines for smoking in other areas in the city, including within 10 metres of playground equipment, within 10 metres of a beach, and within 10 metres of a recreational facility. 

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