City mails relief cheques to flooding victims

Thunder Bay flood victims should have relief cheques in hand soon.
Thunder Bay city hall says homeowners who applied for compensation for last year's flooding will soon see payment, as the provincial government has given the goahead to distribute the final payment for claims. (CBC)

Thunder Bay flood victims should have relief cheques in hand soon.

The Disaster Relief Committee mailed out final claim payments on Wednesday, according to program manager Kari Chiappetta, who said approval to release the cheques had just come from the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing.

"Fifteen months now since the flood and people are still trying to put their lives back together," she said.

"This process has taken a lot longer than we ... anyone of us .... thought it would and so it's just been sort of keeping the wound a little bit open. We've had many, many phone calls and people have been patient and understanding."

Chiappetta said the delay came as a result of the province having to "do some checks and balances and make sure we had all the right information in our reports ... before they could approve it."

Chiappetta said the relief committee is also reconsidering claims for those who feel their claim was assessed incorrectly.

There are specific requirements for reconsideration and submissions must be in by Sept. 17.

The request must include:

  • New and relevant information related to repairs to pre-disaster condition and/or loss of eligible items located in primary living areas.
  • Additional invoices and receipts for work that has been completed.
  • Final invoices that may differ from an original estimate, pictures, etc.
  • Claimants are invited to contact the Disaster Relief Committee office at 625-2607 to address any questions they have.