Can drones help increase safety along Thunder Bay's waterways? One local resident believes they can.

Tim Ornston has requested a deputation at tonight's meeting of Thunder Bay City Council to discuss the matter.

In his letter, Ornston says he intends to highlight available drone technologies that incorporate infra-red and and thermal imaging, and could be used to monitor the city's waterways.

Further, Ornston hopes to discuss another  technology called U-Safe, which is a type of motorized water-rescue buoy that can be remotely controlled to assist people who are in distress.

Food strategy update expected

Also tonight, council is expected to hear another deputation from the Thunder Bay Food Strategy, which will provide an update on the strategy's accomplishments over the past year.

And councillors are also being asked to grant an extension to a proposed north-side subdivision. The draft plan for Gemstone Estates is about to expire, after being approved three years ago.

The land was sold to a new developer since that initial approval, and they're seeking an extension until 2020.

If that's granted, the developer will be allowed to proceed with the project.