Thunder Bay city officials hope the test results on the remains of a moose at the Chippewa Park wildlife exhibit will explain how the animal died.

Park staff found the body of the exhibit's only moose on Monday morning. The seven-year-old animal had lived almost its entire life in captivity. It was brought to Chippewa by the Ministry of Natural Resources in 2006 after its mother was struck and killed by a vehicle.

Darrell Matson, general manager of infrastructure and operations for the city, said its death came as a surprise.

"We are very sad over the death of this beautiful animal," he said.

The city has promised to release more information to the public as soon as it becomes available.

Earlier this summer, photos of the moose caused a stir in social media after some people raised concerns that it appeared malnourished.

At the time, city officials said the animal was fine, but they added that a vet would be called in as a precaution.

A news release from the city on Tuesday said the vet determined the animal had worms —a condition the city said is common among moose and caribou in captivity.

After the diagnosis, the moose's diet was augmented to treat the condition, according to the statement.

The news release added that the animal was given ample food and water, and was kept cool under a shelter and with a sprinkler system.