Cab companies in Thunder Bay had a chance to discuss potential changes to their business with city officials on Tuesday.

Representatives from three local companies met with the committee conducting a review of the city's taxi bylaw.

The meeting included the owners of Diamond-Lacey, Roach's and Superior Accessible Taxi, as well as members of the Police Services Board and city officials.

The taxi owners have a number of issues with the bylaw, which they describe as out-dated and overly complex.

As it stands, taxis are regulated by the police and the city's bylaw division.

As a result, cab owners say they don't know where to turn when they have an issue.

They also say they have trouble hiring new drivers, because of an onerous licence system.

City councillor Brian McKinnon told CBC News the licence issue could be addressed without changing the bylaw, so it may not be long before more cabs will be on the streets.

The taxi committee is expected to recommend to the Police Services Board at its next meeting that it hand over regulation of taxis to the city's bylaw division.