A diver from Burlington, Ont., who was reported to be in critical condition after a diving incident on a Lake Superior shipwreck in northwestern Ontario has died, according to Ontario Provincial Police.

Scott Stitt, 52, died in a Burlington hospital on Wednesday, OPP said.

Stitt was diving with four other men from Ohio on August 9 when he experienced problems underwater and went unconscious, according to the OPP.  After spending time in hospital in Marathon and Thunder Bay, he was transferred to Burlington.

Judge Hart Shipwreck

The Judge Hart wrecked on Fitzsimmons Rocks in Lake Superior between the towns of Terrace Bay and Marathon, according to Save Ontario Shipwrecks. It's classified as a deep technical dive. (Google Earth)

The men were diving on the Judge Hart, a steamship that sank in 1942 on Fitzsimmons Rocks, a shoal just off the north shore of Lake Superior between the towns of Terrace Bay and Marathon, about 250 kilometres east of Thunder Bay.

The ship sits about 60 metres below the surface of Lake Superior. It's classified as a "deep technical dive" by Save Ontario Shipwrecks, an organization that preserves and promotes wrecks in the province's waters.

The cause of the accident is still unknown, police said, but investigators are still looking into what happened.

A police spokesperson told CBC News that Stitt was a very experienced diver.