Every Family Day weekend in Thunder Bay, Ont., dozens of people gather at a backyard rink located on the city's south side, for an amateur curling event that's as painstakingly organized, as it is irreverent.

It's called The Drunkinental Cup. 

"It's a great tournament, a lot of people turn out, and it's growing in infamy around town," said Filip Luczak, who helps to organize the annual event, which just marked its 11th year.

About a hundred people attend the event over the weekend, said Luczak, and close to 30 teams compete for the highly coveted cup.

They show up ready to curl no matter how far the temperature drops. 

"We don't often get the best weather," he said. "More than once we've been out here in 35, 40, 45 below."

"It doesn't bother us."