City crews have repaired a watermain break in Fort William First Nation that happened Wednesday afternoon on Mission Road.

In the Squaw Bay area of Fort William First Nation, people were without running water for about 24 hours.  A City of Thunder Bay crew shut down the line shortly after the break and they worked overnight to fix the pipe.

A second shift came on about 4 a.m. ET Thursday. Crews have filled in the ditch where the waterline runs and water service was expected to be restored around noon Thursday.

There is no official word on what caused the break, although one city worker said it may have been a slight shift in the ground that knocked a stone into the line.

The First Nation delivered bottled water to the roughly 150-200 people affected.

Municipal, federal and First Nations officials have been working together regarding water quality following the watermain repairs.

The manager of the city's environment division said the city will work with a federal health inspector to take water quality samples and to complete any flushing and cleaning of the lines before they're put back into service.

“The water system within Fort William First Nation is under federal jurisdiction so it complies with the federal drinking regulations,” Kerri Marshall said.

People who were affected by the watermain break are under a boil-water advisory until Monday.