A councillor in Fort Frances says people in his town are travelling too far for an MRI scan when there's an option close by.

Rick Wiedenhoeft said there's an MRI machine just 10 minutes away in International Falls, Minn, and he wants to get people thinking about the idea of sharing medical resources across the border.

"It's such an inconvenience and such a hardship to travel to Thunder Bay or Winnipeg for a lot of folks. Why wouldn't they be in agreement that it would be just as quick and easy to go across the river?"

Wiedenhoft says people in International Falls would benefit from access to renal dialysis at the Fort Frances Hospital.

"Why wouldn't there be some co-operation in order to save money, and save hardship for individuals who live in both Ontario and Minnesota? I think it's a win-win situation so I'm somewhat optimistic that we may have something going forward, in the future,” Wiedenhoft said.

He and a councillor from International Falls are organizing a meeting to discuss the idea, this summer.

Fort Frances International Falls

Fort Frances, Ont. and International Falls, Minn. are neighbouring border communities. (Google)