The bylaw office in Fort Frances is on the lookout for a bobcat after reports the animal has killed several cats in the community.

Enforcement officer Arlene Byrnes said residents first reported the bobcat a little over a week ago. Since then, the town has set up two live traps to try to capture it.


A resident of Fort Frances took this picture of a bobcat that has been roaming the town in recent days. (Supplied)

"This is new to us, we don't usually have bobcats in town," Byrnes said. "Twenty years ago, when I first started with the town, we had one and we actually live-trapped it, but that was the only one that I've ever encountered."

All sightings reported came from within a two-block radius in a well-developed part of town, she noted. The area is near the river that runs along the US border and it's possible the animal swam across to the other side.

Byrnes said bobcat tracks have been spotted in the snow in people’s yards. The bobcat has also been blamed for killing three cats that are believed to be strays, as no one has reported a missing pet.

"We have a picture of it [and] people in the neighbourhood have taken pictures of it … and passed [them] along to us."

Byrnes said she hasn't received any new reports of sightings for several days and the traps will be removed by the end of the week if the animal doesn't re-appear. If they do catch it, Ministry of Natural Resources personnel would relocate it.

"We're hoping that he's just moved on."