The frigid weather is driving some people in Thunder Bay to take off for warmer climates.

Several travel agencies in the city report a spike in last-minute vacation sales, including Marlin Travel, SellOffVactions and Sears Travel.

Thunder Bay Expedia CruiseShipCenters owner Shawn Friesen said people seem to reach a breaking point when the temperature falls to –30 C.

Shawn Friesen

Shawn Friesen says people seem to reach a breaking point around –30 C. (Adam Burns/CBC)

"Soon as you get a couple of –30 C days, you know, the phones will start to ring and people will say … 'Get me outta here!'"

Friesen said prices for last minute vacations are a little higher this year because of the demand brought on by the abnormally low temperatures.

Those who want to leave the city often aren't picky about their destination, Friesen added.

Anyone heading south should buy travel insurance, Friesen said, because of the frequent delays and cancellations across the continent.