A ten-year-old boy from Bearskin Lake First Nation has premiered a new music video about persevering to fulfil your dreams.

Quincy Kamenawatamin recorded "Never Stop" as part of a workshop with Winnipeg-based performer, beat maker and educator Rup Monsta.

"I thought it was pretty good," he said of the song, which Monsta composed.

"I thought [the lyrics] were helpful and had a very good meaning ... stopping me from doing bad stuff, he added.

The workshop was arranged as part of the Choose Life initiative, for which Kamenawatamin's mother, Natalie, is a coordinator.

Quincy Kam - "Never Stop"

The program, which operates in Nishnawbe Aski Nation communities, is aimed at improving youth mental health and preventing suicide. 

Natalie Kamenawatamin brought Monsta to town as part of a Scared Straight workshop series with former gang member James Lathlin, which encourages youth to stay away from gangs.

"Never Stop" has been viewed more than 1,700 times since it debuted on Facebook March 2.

"I love that," Quincy Kamenawatamin said.  "And I want this interview to go big, and then I can come out to Thunder Bay or wherever you guys are recording." 

The young artist said he hopes to make music and be an actor when he grows up.

His next steps, he said, are to start writing his own music and learning to play piano.