Some residents in Manitouwadge are shaking their heads in disbelief after watching a black bear steal a backyard birdfeeder.

Irena Mayhew said it all started last week when a neighbour knocked on her door and told her a bear was trying to get at the feeders in her yard.

Sure enough, she spotted the bear was going after a feeder full of sunflower seeds.

"[The feeder] was just hanging on the tree … with a hook," Mayhew said.

"And [the bear] just grabbed it and kept it in his mouth and walked away with it. And he took his time too. He looked back at us. We were laughing at him [because] … he thought he was so sneaky."

Mayhew said she also has a number of suet bird-feeders, but she has since taken them all down. She noted she will probably put her feeders back up in the fall, as she loves the birds.