Pictures of an anti-Hudak sign in Thunder Bay’s north side has made one man popular, with more than 1,000 shares online.

But the sign has also grabbed the attention of Elections Ontario.

Larry Brigham put the lawn sign up last week outside his home. It read: “Elect Anyone but Hudak.”

Elections Ontario sent an email to Brigham to make sure he hadn’t spent more than $500 on the sign. Any election advertising expense over that amount — even if on personal property — has to be registered with the Chief Electoral Officer of Ontario.

“You don't often -- as an individual -- have this much to say about an election,” Brigham said. “It's usually the party leaders and the party representatives, the candidates who are saying something.  And I guess I've made some sort of impact or statement."

He adds that as a swing voter, he’s likely voted for every party at some point in his life and has “never put up a negative sign before” but after hearing of PC leader Tim Hudak plan to cut 100,000 jobs, he made the sign.

As a social worker married to a school principal he said he felt the impact of Progressive Conservative restructuring when Mike Harris was premier.

"My neighbour asked for one right away,” he said. “‘I’ve got to get one of those!' she said. So anybody can make up their own sign and put it on their lawn if they want and there's nothing to prevent that from happening."