Anicinabe Park Occupation 40th anniversary kenora

Several events will be held in Kenora this weekend as part of a 40-year anniversary commemoration of the Anicinabe Park Occupation. (Supplied)

A gathering in Kenora this weekend will mark the 40th anniversary of the Anicinabe Park occupation.

Dozens of young First Nations people from across the continent, including members of the American Indian Movement, joined the protest in 1974.

They were demanding better living conditions, education and access to land.

One of the original protestors, Lorraine Major, said the people who were there with her should be remembered and honoured.

"I'd like to remember the people that have passed,” she said.

“They had the guts to stand up for their rights. They had the guts to speak out against leadership."

Events are planned in Kenora throughout the weekend, to mark the anniversary.


Anicinabe Park in 2013. Dozens of young First Nations people joined the occupation of Anicinabe Park in 1974.