The songwriter behind Tommy Tutone's 80s smash 867-5309/Jenny has penned a new song about homelessness in Kenora.

U.S. musician Alex Call wrote There's an Angel in there Somewhere about a woman he and his Kenora-based girlfriend know.

The title comes from a Michaelangelo quote, Call said.

"He got a block of marble and someone asked him what he was going to do with it, and he said, 'There's an angel in there somewhere, if I can let it out.'"

Call said he used that expression to describe his acquaintance, then realized it was a great idea for a song.

"So I went and wrote it, and I made a little recording, and it's sort of resonating with people," he said.

He performed it during last week's Week of Action Against Poverty.

'I just respond to what I see'

Call has spent quite a bit of time in Kenora over the past four years, he said, visiting his girlfriend, whom he met on Facebook.

"I've seen what this town is about and some of the problems," he said.

"I love it here in a lot of ways. You know there's a problem with homelessness and with the racial divide. I think some people tend to look down on the homeless and those with problems."

The song is the creative end result of what Call says he does naturally: "I just respond to what I see."

In addition to co-writing for Tommy Tutone, Call has penned numbers for Huey Lewis and Pat Benatar.

He also performed with Lewis in the band Clover.