A multi-vehicle collision on black ice closed Highway 17 Thursday morning between Kenora and Vermilion Bay.

Ontario Provincial Police reported 14 tractor trailers were involved in a collision around 1:30 a.m. near Nelson Granite. Only minor injuries have been reported.

Police said there was black ice on the route.

Dryden OPP Constable Erin Huckell said an officer was sent to the scene immediately — but could only watch as other tractor trailers came on the scene.

"We received a report of the first collision and, as he was there, it just kept occurring. Basically right in front of him. And it was out of control for him to do basically anything," she said.

"People were hitting the ditch and thankfully had enough mind sense to get out of the vehicle and, as more vehicles were piling into those ones, that's what was preventing the injury ... people were getting out of the vehicle and trying to clear the scene."

To hear a longer description of the accident scene from OPP Cst. Erin Huckell click here.

Highway 17 is now open to one lane.

As a detour, drivers can take Highway 71 and Highway 11 in combination to get around the area.