Suicide note found in murder-suicide case

A seven-page suicide note has given police more information about what was going through Ralph Hadley's mind before he killed his estranged wife and then himself.

Published reports Friday morning say Hadley was trying to save his baby son from danger. One report says Hadley didn't think Gillian Hadley was capable of raising him.

Police found the hand written note after they discovered the bodies. It was in a knapsack along with a loaded ammunition clip for a small calibre semi-automatic hand gun.

Gillian Hadley ran naked into the front yard of her Pickering home Tuesday morning, carrying her 11-month-old son, and screaming for help.

Neighbours managed to get the baby to safety. But Gillian was dragged back into the house by Ralph and was later shot in the head.

Ralph Hadley, a 34-year-old postal worker, was under a court order not to go near his wife at the time.

Gillian Hadley's funeral will be held Saturday in Scarborough.

Ralph Hadley is to be cremated Friday.