A Sudbury dog owner says contacting various animal care agencies didn’t help her when her two dogs went missing last month.

When her two bloodhounds disappeared, Maggie Pan said the possibility of dog theft came to mind.

Pan posted ads on the animal shelter website and Kijiji and also called animal control in surrounding communities.

She eventually found out her dogs were being held by a local animal rescue agency.

"And the person who answered the phone was very reluctant to say yes or no," she said. "I said, ‘if someone doesn’t call me back in 10 minutes with an answer, I’m going to call the police’."

Sudbury police say they are investigating Pan’s case and one other — but they don’t suspect theft. A spokesperson speculated people may be taking too long to return the pet to its rightful owner.

People shouldn’t assume animals found wandering are strays, Sergeant Tim Ross said.

"There are obviously avenues to try and try and return these lost pets," he explained. "I would strongly suggest and request that people follow-up on those avenues and not just keep the pet."

Ross said all stray dogs that are missing or found should be reported to the Rainbow District Animal Shelter.