After a few days of snow fall, the garage at Superior Auto in Sudbury is dealing with a flurry of dented and smashed cars.

Leah-Jo Mercer works there and said there are still five cars out back waiting for an insurance appraisal.

This is not unusual for the time of year as drivers in the north learn to readjust their driving habits once the winter weather hits.

Mercer said it seems northerners need to re-learn how to drive every year. She said people need to “slow down and give [themselves] some space and watch the other driver.”

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With the growing number of vehicle collisions recently, drivers have to wait in line to get their cars appraised by an insurance adjuster. (CBC)

It’s a typical scene after a sizable snowfall to see several vehicles waiting to be looked at or repaired, Mercer said.

“We have at least five vehicles sitting in the back lot that need to be looked at by an insurance adjuster and at least four of them look like they might be complete write-offs,” she said

One of those vehicles belongs to Gina Kennedy, whose daughter had a fender-bender. Her daughter is OK, but the car is not. Kennedy was told it would take at least a couple of days for an insurance appraiser to come look it over — and she was put on a waiting list of 15 people for a rental car.

It's not a good time to be without wheels, Kennedy said.

“It is a busy time of year so two days has made me look toward alternative methods of transportation,” she said.

“I'm quite happy to have good friends and family nearby [to help] or otherwise it would make it very difficult.”

Traffic Sergeant Valerie Tiplady says there have been almost 100 car accidents over four days.

People were hurt in twenty of those.

The police’s advice is familiar: slow down and drive according to conditions.