The Onaping Falls Nordic Ski Club is putting talks about developing a gravel pit near Windy Lake on hold.

The club has been talking with the Day Group for the past year about putting a gravel pit on club property — but many residents in the area are opposed to the idea.

The president of the Onaping Falls Nordic Ski Club said they came to the decision after a meeting with club executives Monday night.

"We had never ever made a commitment or an agreement. It was just discussion with Bill Day and just informing our membership," Lise LeBlanc said.

"The reaction was overwhelming from our membership in the last little bit about their concerns, so we decided that it needed to be shelved."

LeBlanc said they talked to the Day Group because revenue from the gravel pit could have helped the ski club financially, but "our members are who we needed or wanted to listen to and talk to. And we felt that our mandate and our responsibility first and foremost was to the club membership."

While the plan has been put on hold indefinitely, the matter can be brought up again in the future, she added.