A six-year-old boy from Sudbury is one of five children across Canada who has been selected as a Down Syndrome Hero.

The Down Syndrome Society chooses five heroes every year who inspire their community to see their abilities.

Wii'um Morin was nominated by his dad Will and his teacher.

Will Morin said he's been taking Wii'um to powwows since he was a baby and he's been an inspiration to people at the events.

“So any powwow, any drum, any location where there are cultural activities going on, he's at home and everyone there [is] his family and it is wonderful to see how he accelerates that celebration of our culture,” he said.

Morin said he's proud his son can show the world—and the Ojibway people—how much those with Down Syndrome can offer to their community.

“One of the goals and roles that [these heroes] have within their respective communities and within the campaign, is to help raise that awareness of the ability — the ability that individuals with Down syndrome have.”