The Sudbury and District Health Unit says there’s little cause for concern about West Nile virus in the city.

The province’s chief medical health officer recently  issued a caution to northern Ontario, after six test pools in the southern part of the province tested positive for West Nile.

However, an official who oversees the health unit’s infection control program said the cooler than average seasonal temperatures will likely keep the mosquito-borne virus at bay.

Two traps in New Sudbury did test positive for West Nile last year, but there were no reported cases in people, Holly Browne said.

"We’ve added a few traps this year, but we are still testing certainly in the areas where we had the positives last year, which is common practice," she said.

"We’ve increased the number of traps surrounding that just to see if there’s anything happening in that area again this year."

Browne said it’s wise to get rid of potential mosquito breeding grounds, including standing water.

"Clean out the eavestroughts [and] don’t let any standing water in the bottom of the flower pots," she explained.

Last year, there were 269 confirmed human cases of West Nile Virus in Ontario, and five deaths.

None of those cases reported were north of Muskoka.

The only case of West Nile Virus reported in the Greater Sudbury and Mantioulin areas was in 2006, Browne said.