A Trenton, Ont. company that specializes in museum sculptures will be in charge of replacing one of the most iconic roadside attractions along the Trans-Canada Highway.

The Wawa goose, north of Sault Ste. Marie in northeastern Ontario, has fallen into disrepair and is set to be dismantled, with a new bird to take its place. The unveiling is scheduled for Canada Day.

"The whole idea is [for the goose] to be very similar to the original," said Garth Dallman, a project manager with Research Casting International — the company in charge of rebuilding the bird.

"We're not really doing too much that's different."

Wawa goose 2

The original goose has been on the side of the Trans-Canada Highway since 1963. (Provided)

The current 8.5 metre-tall metal statue was built in 1963. Wawa's CAO, Chris Wray, has told CBC News the existing structure is compromised in several places, necessitating a replacement.

Staff at Research Casting International includes sculptors, as well as blacksmiths and other artisans. The company typically builds skeletons, Dallman said but can create a variety of statues.

"We do all kinds of different museum exhibits," he continued.

The total cost to dismantle, construct and install the new goose exceeds $300,000. The project is being financed by local, provincial and federal levels of government as well as proceeds from a fundraising campaign.

The new bird is scheduled to be in place in time for Canada's 150th anniversary celebrations.