More than 50 residents affected by a drinking water advisory in Wanup following a Canadian Pacific freight train derailment on Sunday are anxious for the warning to be lifted.

A wheel bearing failure caused train containers to topple into the Wanapitei River.

The drinking water advisory has complicated Ashleigh Beharriel’s daily schedule and says she has to use bottled water to make her three-month-old daughter's baby formula.

"Same with bathing her, and my kids, because I have little kids that suck on cloths when they're in the tub because that's what little kids do," she said.

"It's important that they don't ingest any of the water because we don't know how we're going to be affected by it."

The Ministry of Environment remains at the derailment scene overseeing clean-up.


Crews attending to the cleanup of rail cars that derailed into the Wanapitei River near Sudbury, Ont., put a berm in place to catch any loose materials. (Yvon Theriault/Radio-Canada)

A ministry spokesperson said a waste barrier has been erected to stop products and possible chemicals from floating down stream.

"A good explanation might be to think of styrofoam pool noodles," Kate Jordan said.

"They are absorbent materials that are placed around a spill so they absorb it and contain it as well as prevent it from moving."

Monitoring water

Jordan added the ministry is still testing for substances, but it's believed the train was carrying some oil and petroleum-based household products.

The Sudbury and District Health Unit reports it's not sure how much longer the water advisory could be in place.


Clean-up officials say most of the debris found floating in the Wanapitei River were items destined for retail stores. (Elyse Allard/Radio-Canada)

It says the priority right now is removing the remaining four train containers from the river and is closely monitoring the state of the Wanapitei River.

A total of 11 cars carrying 24 containers were involved in the incident.

The environmental health manager with the health unit said that advisory affects at least 50 Wanup residents, but not those in Sudbury proper.

"The municipal system is not being affected by this," Burgess Hawkins said.

"The one main draw for that area is out of Ramsay Lake, the other is out of the Wanapitei River, but up by Wahnapitae, so it's well up-river from the incident. The key concern is for people who are taking water directly from the river."

Hawkins said people taking water from the river should also avoid using it for baby formula or bathing small children.