City crews are still working to restore water service to several hundred homes in Sudbury after a water main break in the pipe cut service to Naughton and Whitefish.

The director of water and waste water services for the city of Sudbury said crews are working on installing a temporary pipe to get water flowing again.

"This is a particular sensitive situation because this is a single supply line that serves an extremity of the community," Nick Benkovich said. "So there is no other way to reroute the water around our network of piping."

City of Sudbury crews have been working to repair the water main break along Municipal Road #55 in Naughton.

Residents from Simon Lake Drive east in Naughton to Panache Lake Road in Whitefish have been without water since the break was detected Thursday night.

Benkovich said crews were working to put a temporary emergency bypass pipe in place to restore the water supply, and work will continue through the weekend to permanently fix the problem.

He noted the heavy rain falling in Sudbury has also made it difficult to excavate and deal with the problem.

Residents in need of water can fill their own containers with municipally treated water at filling stations located on:

  • Countryside Drive in Sudbury, near the Gerry McCrory Countryside Sports Complex,
  • Bancroft Drive in Sudbury, near Moonlight Beach Road, and
  • Spruce Street in Garson.