One of the Vale workers fired during a year-long strike in Sudbury has just received a settlement.

Nine workers were fired during the strike at Vale for what the company called bad behaviour. One opted to retire, but the remaining eight took their case to the Ontario Labour Relations Board.

In what the Steelworkers called a landmark ruling, the board decided the workers were eligible to for arbitration to determine if they should get their jobs back.

The lawyer representing United Steelworkers Local 6500 said the amount of the settlement is confidential.

"In connection with this most recent settlement, that employee had about 15 years of service," Brian Shell said. "He has found mining employment elsewhere. His preference was to not return to Vale, but to accept a separation agreement with Vale and proceed to get on with his life."

Shell noted the arbitration case involving three Vale employees fired for confronting a co-worker continues — and is not expected to be resolved until the end of the year.