Growing interest in eating local foods is translating into new businesses in the Sudbury area.

Beth Depatie opened The Specialty Market in Val Caron last year. She sells baked goods from Sudbury, baked goods from Markstay and meat from the abattoir in Warren.

organic sprouts

The Specialty Market in Val Caron will add more fresh local produce to store shelves, once the summer growing season in the Sudbury region is underway. (Megan Thomas/CBC)

Depatie said she moved forward with the store after seeing how many local food products were being sold at craft fairs and festivals in the city.

“It's a matter of choice. It's a matter of education, knowing what is in your food. Knowing what you are eating,” she said.

The Eat Local Sudbury co-operative — which also runs a grocery store with locally produced products — said it's watched its membership numbers triple in the last couple of years.

peggy baillie

Peggy Baillie from Eat Local Sudbury says she's not surprised to see a new local food store open. (CBC)

The store’s managing director said she isn't surprised to see a new local food store open.

“I definitely see that there are opportunities for both not-for-profit and for private enterprises to be making money,” Peggy Baillie said.

Back at the Specialty Market, Depatie said she will add fresh local produce to her store shelves in the summer.