Used car industry 'safe,' Sudbury dealer says in wake of suspensions

Used car sellers in Sudbury are reacting to the shut down of two dealerships by the province's motor vehicle watch-dog.
The Craig Terry Investments and Drivetime dealerships are suspended from doing business in Sudbury. A car salesman in Sudbury says customers shouldn't be concerned about buying used vehicles in the city. (CBC)

Used car sellers in Sudbury are reacting to the shutdown of two dealerships by the province's motor vehicle watchdog.

Auto Buff sales manager Steph Marier said he was surprised to hear about the allegations against two suspended used car dealerships.

"I've been hearing a little bit of a rumbling in the car industry world about the situation. But I didn't know it was going to happen this quickly,” he said.

Last week, the Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council suspended Drivetime and Craig Terry Investments without warning.

The council made the move after receiving consumer complaints.

One alleges that a vehicle was sold with a lien on it.

The other claims a vehicle was not delivered to a customer.

Shutdowns won't affect business

Despite the allegations, Marier insisted the used car industry is safe.

"We do try to do our best to make sure that you're getting a solid product when we sell it to you."

And he doesn't think the shutdown of the dealerships will affect the reputation of the used car industry.

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One used car salesman in Sudbury wants to reassure the public that the industry is safe for consumers. That's after two dealerships were closed last week after consumer complaints. 5:54

“People still don't want to pay the prices for new all the time. We'll still be strong. I don't see a big downfall in the used car industry. But you never know. We still try to do our best when people come in and serve them properly.”

Jim Hamilton, the legal services director at the Used Car Dealership Association of Ontario, said he hasn't heard any complaints about the dealerships in question before.

"We want consumers to know they can have confidence when they buy cars from motor vehicle dealers in Ontario."

The operator of the dealerships declined an interview request, however CBC News has learned that the dealer plans to appeal the suspension.

Once an appeal is filed, an independent tribunal will be held.

Read the original OMVIC news release here.

  • The Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council administers and enforces the Motor Vehicle Dealers Act on behalf of the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services.
  • According to OMVIC, there are other registered dealers in Ontario using the business name Drivetime. OMVIC noted they are not affiliated with the Drivetime location in question in Sudbury. The council also stated no individual named Craig Terry is party to any of the proceedings.


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