Academics at Laurentian University in Sudbury are showing off their research to the public this week.

Research Week includes a speaking conference and other events where professors and students present their work.

The director of research at Laurentian said presentation skills are crucial for any researcher hoping to get funding.

"I used to say that, to be a good researcher you have to show it,” Yves Alarie said.

“Research is, first of all, communication. I've been on panels reviewing grant applications. It's often the reason some are rejected over others." 

For many, it's a challenge to distill years of research into a short pitch — but it can often mean life or death for their research when it comes to applying for government funding. 

During a Wednesday exercise, the academics at Laurentian only have 60 seconds in which to pitch their research.

It’s practice for the kind of high stress interviews many will have to do in the future.

Alarie said this brevity is important for researchers.

"When you prepare a grant proposal, you always have the constraint of space. You always have to be extremely accurate."

The week concludes Friday with a Dragon's Den-style event, and a $5,000 prize for the best research pitch.