The Sudbury District Catholic School Board has voted in some $25 million worth of construction — and most of it is to build two new elementary schools.

One will be next to St. Charles College in New Sudbury and the other will replace the aging St. David's School in the Donovan.

At a Tuesday night meeting, board chair Jody Cameron said most of that money comes from the province, which is focused on closing aging school buildings.

Jody Cameron

Sudbury Catholic Disctrict School Board chair Jody Cameron. (

“It's cost prohibitive to keep money [going] into these in terms of renewal money,” he said. “So, they've been pretty good at recognizing these schools are old, you need new ones."

Cameron noted the Ministry of Education is putting an emphasis on closing old schools and consolidating them into new buildings.

“I won't speak for the ministry, but I do know that's something they'd like to see,” he said. “[There is] less money for renewal money and what not. But for us though, we're pretty much done."

Cameron says the one area that might not be completely settled in in the Valley. He said the board is still looking at an aging elementary school and a high school with disappointing enrolment there. 

Construction on the two new English Catholic elementary schools in Sudbury is expected to begin this summer, with the first classes to be held in fall 2015.