An unprecedented hearing will be held in Sudbury this week, as the future of Drivetime and Craig Terry Investments is contemplated by Ontario's License Appeal Tribunal.

The tribunal is holding a hearing this week to decide whether it should lift or extend the suspensions against both dealerships.

The Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council shut down the operations of the businesses after receiving consumer complaints.

The deputy registrar for the council is preparing a case to keep the dealerships closed indefinitely.

"There’ll be a number of consumer witnesses called. Some financial institutions, [and] an insurance company may be called,” Mary Jane South said.

The lawyer for dealership operator, Micheline Cooper, said the hearing will have ripple effects across the province.

"This case will define — when those circumstances arise — what are the appropriate steps to take … when a suspension order has been issued,” Justin Jakubiak said.

The tribunal will hear the case Friday morning.

Jakubiak said the situation facing Cooper has been "traumatic".

“It's not only the business or the business owner that gets affected, but it's the other individuals and families that rely upon that business for their earnings.”