The end of passenger rail service through Temagami is putting a bit of a damper on the season that boasts brilliant fall colours.

In years past, Ontario Northland has run a tourist train called the Dream Catcher during the fall, but that service was cancelled, along with the Northlander.

Temagami Mayor John Hodgson said the Dream Catcher train used to drop off hundreds of tourists each weekend in the fall.

"I just can't understand the timing of the killing of the Dream Catcher when it was full last year," he said.

"So why anyone ever picked this particular time to do it almost, in my sense, seems punitive."

The loss of rail service in Temagami has some worried about tourism in the northern town. Community leaders hope a new festival this weekend will bring tourists into town by road.

"The dream catcher news was bad, but the trees are still turning red and orange," Hodgson said.

This weekend's two-day festival will feature everything from canoe building demonstrations to Ojibway cultural teachings.