It's still more than two years away, but some are already making plans for the next municipal election.

Dan Melanson became involved in the 2010 Sudbury election because he wanted to change the city. He helped get political newcomer Marianne Matichuk elected, but said he hasn't seen the kind of change he was expecting.


Greater Sudbury Mayor Marianne Matichuk

Now, as president of the Greater Sudbury Taxpayers Association, Melanson is thinking ahead to 2014 and predicts "the next election will be the watershed moment for Sudbury."

"If the citizens of Sudbury want to actually enter into the 21th century, a very good possibility that we'll see a lot of new faces on council and I think that would be a very positive step," he added.

Melanson said his group is targeting the city councillor races and is considering everything from endorsing certain candidates to running a slate of similar-thinking Sudburians.

In Sault Ste. Marie, the ratepayers association likely won't be as involved in the next city election.

But organizer David Poluck said he expects some members might run for council seats.

"[Some] may find that working with other people in the ratepayers association a much more rewarding thing than being on council," Poluck said. "For me, people ask, ‘well, why don't you run?' Because building this is more important."

The Sault ratepayers did get a referendum on Boxing Day shopping on the ballot in 2010, and Poluck said he would like to come up with another big question in 2014.