Target is opening its doors to the public Wednesday morning in Sudbury, and a downtown advocate says the big department store won’t lure shoppers away from the city’s core retail area.

There’s been much anticipation around the opening of Target in New Sudbury.

It’s located on the site of the defunct Zellers and surrounded by other big one-stop shopping destinations such as Walmart and Sears.

The vice-president of marketing with Target Canada said customer service will set the store apart, and added customers in the store are treated as guests.

“An important part of our offering is really focusing on bringing that guest experience to life,” Livia Zufferli said.

A business professor with Cambrian College said treating customers as guests is a smart strategy.

“I like the idea that they’re going to call the customer a guest,” Brian Vendramin said.

“That has a real psyche in how you approach … guests when they come into the store.”

No threat

The chair of Downtown Sudbury said he doesn’t feel threatened by another big box store.

Jeff MacIntyre said stores in downtown Sudbury offer unique products and no one delivers better customer service than downtown businesses.

“Our merchants have done an amazing job over the years providing Sudbury with top quality and top service,” he said.

Target opened a location in North Bay earlier this year.

In 2011, Target Canada purchased store leases of Zellers for $1.8 billion.

Not all Zellers stores the company purchased are being converted into Target stores.