An American big box store hasn't sold a single item and already it's promising to invest in Sudbury.

A spokesperson with Target says a percentage of its sales will be funneled back into communities across Canada, including Sudbury, when the store opens next winter.

"Target will be giving five per cent to charities in which we select," said Joanne Elson, communications manager for Target Canada.

But she said that five per cent isn't for each community that has a Target. Rather, cash is dished out across all of the stores in Canada.

Elson said the company is also taking up hands-on initiatives.

"Clean up local parks, planting trees, and then helping with low income families," she said.

A business teacher at Cambrian College said Target's mandate to give back to the community helps it to become a smart corporate citizen as it moves into Canada.

"They haven't even opened in Quebec yet and already they rush to make a $25,000 donation to Lac-Mégantic Relief fund," Brian Vendramin  said.

This year the American-based company will open 124 stores in Canada.

Sudbury and North Bay are on that list.

Sudbury's store is set to open in the winter and North Bay's store opened earlier this month.