A New Sudbury woman is proposing a new strategy in dealing with nuisance bears that works alongside everyday technology.

Maria Bozzo said her neighboured was overwhelmed by bears this summer and even when the animals came within a few steps of people, neither the police nor Ministry of Natural Resources would come to help when they were called.

She then thought that the Ministry of Natural Resources could post the location of a bear call on a real-time map which subscribers could turn to for automated alerts.

sudbury bear 2

This photo was taken on July 19 when a bear was seen walking through the streets of New Sudbury. (Courtesy Mike Rocheleau)

“We all have out cellphones and email and Twitter and all of that open all the time, so If you had the website and an ability to have alerts go out, at least you’re aware,’ Bozzo said.

Bozzo said that she wants the Ontario government to put money back into bear relocation programs.