On Friday night, the Sudbury arena will be pinker than usual — and it won’t just be for Valentine’s Day.

It’s Pink in the Rink night, and the Sudbury Wolves will be wearing pink to raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society.

A silent auction will be held for NHL and OHL memorabilia, and fans will be able to purchase autographed pink hockey sticks as well as toques and scarves.

In keeping with the theme, a local school custodian plans to be at the game to collect used cell phones to help raise funds for breast cancer.

Frank Katarincic, a custodian from Carl A. Nesbitt Public School in Sudbury, said he’s been recycling for a number of years.

“All my life, I’ve known garbage is cash,” Frank Katarincic said. “If you put something out on the street that somebody wants, they’re going to pick it up … if not for cash, then to refurbish it.”

Katarincic said he started collecting money for cancer research after speaking with a parent at the school where he works.

“She was diagnosed with breast cancer,” he explained. “So I just started to say, ‘You know, I’ve done enough greening in the school yard,’ and I started donating all the money to breast cancer.”

Katarincic said he’s hoping to collect 1,000 phones at the game, to trade in for money.