Sudbury’s new water sports centre is nearly completed, according to a board member.

The Northern Water Sports Centre will be home to rowing programs, dragon boats and the Sudbury Canoe Club.

Facility board chair Thomas Merritt said that while construction is right on track, more fundraising is needed as another $100,000 to $200,000 is needed.

“"Now that the buildings are going up, I think we're able to say okay look, you know, we are this close,” said Thomas Merritt, faculty board chair. “Please help us finish the roof on the second building and get this thing done."

Dr. Sean Murray thinks the centre is a worthy cause and has joined the facility's leadership campaign saying the centre promotes a healthier lifestyle.

"It just adds another dimension to what children and adults can do to maintain a good state of health,” said Murray.

Merritt said the facility is worth it as it will also boost tourism.

“When you have a facility, like the new facility that we're putting in that's fully accessible, that has wonderful changing rooms that has a beautiful view out onto the water that entices people to come up and bring their races here, bring their events here,” he said.

Construction is expected to last until next winter.